November 2, 2014

A year in a day..

Another year has passed.  My poor neglected blog has now become my year in review.  So, seeing as a pictures worth a thousand words, and my way with words is nowhere as good as my way with pictures.

So here is the past year with the Smith clan - and I look forward to catching up with you in 12 months time.

Kidding!  Will try and get back more often. 


Gabs xx

December 1, 2013


This poor little blog.  It hasn't been fed or watered in months, and if it was a plant (or a pet cicada) I too would be looking to end it all under the merciless feet of some random, passing stranger.

But, lucky for it, the nice people at the domain names business reminded me of its existence.  That and pay us for your name or lose it to some name dopplleganger.

So here I am.

Ah, but where have you been, you may well ask?


Anyone out there?

Carry on.  I'll ramble quietly to myself.

I've been working. Full time. In a job.  It's alright. My coworkers are nice, the hours are good and the pay is stable, but it's not photography.  It's not creatively expressive, blowing people's minds and seeing me hung alongside Yoko Ono at the MoCA....for now.

But keep your eyes peeled.  You might see me hung somewhere, sometime.  Soon.

Some dreams die hard.  Others simply hibernate.

Gabs x 

June 28, 2013

Passing By: Now on a Train

For the past couple of weeks, I have found myself back amongst the crowds that battle it out for elbow room on our public transport system.

Dont stop reading.  I'm not complaining. In fact - I have to say its pretty reliable, relatively clean, cheap - and great fodder for a personal project.

As a dedicated "people person" - I'm loving the opportunity it allows me to observe, click and share.

*Passing By is a personal photography project that I share here occasionally, but primarily, on Instagram (@gabrielasmith).  It's a continuing and evolving, observation of the daily rituals of Sydney's people and places.  I hope to one say exhibit it.

What fascinates you?

Gabs x

June 18, 2013

It's just a jump to the left...


I've been a little MIA from the blog lately.

I've taken a little step away from the photography path and back into working life. 

For now.

Not sure how long "for now" will be. 

Maybe 6 weeks.  Maybe 18 months.  Maybe longer.


My camera will be at hand.  And whilst I may not have the chance to blog as often, you can be sure I'll still be blogging, and posting, my photographs.

So this is a little slice of what my daily life looks like now. 

Thanks for sticking around.

Gabs x

June 4, 2013

In the blink of an eye...

In the blink of an eye, you were 5.

Your father and I have strived to raise and treat you and your brother, like small people.  With your own thoughts, feelings and opinions respected, listened to, acknowledged.

In return, you have grown to be:

hilariously funny
utterly affectionate
very compassionate
thoughtful & kind
a sneaky winner at all costs
witty & profound
smart as a whip

And so much more than we could ever have hoped and imagined 5 years ago in that hospital room.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

Mama (Gabs) x

May 31, 2013

And in other news...

Dr Who Pop Up Store Newtown

Malcolm Turnbull and Craig Laundy "meet the people"
Miss Universe Australia 2013 NSW Finalists

Lots of pretty
Professor Hart and the team at ANZAC Research Institute doing good.

The inspirational Oculi Crew talks Subjective vs Objective

More inspiration at Circular Quay part of Reportage 2013

Resulting in my own project "Passing By"

Phew! What a week THAT was!

Just when I start to rethink my direction and whether photography is truly the path for me - BAM! I get job after job after job booked.  Vivid Sydney and Semi Permanent and Reportage and Head On Photography Festivals happen and so much inspiration that my camera has hardly left my side or my hands for that matter.

Hearing photographers that I have so admired and aspire to, speak about their passion for this art, fuels me.

It's amazing. 


And I'm in love with doing this more and more every day.

It fills me up. 

It fires ALL my cylinders.

It straightens me out, pulls my shoulders back and pushes me in the back.

And sets me in the direction that I'm all ready facing.


How was your week?

Gabs x