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In the wake of yesterday’s anger, frustration and let face it, the full moon madness didn’t help - I wanted to start the day with a positive focus.
#eyesontheprize #freshfocus #dreamingofbetterdaysahead
Benefits of lockdown - always look for the silver lining - when you get a hankering for Rigatoni with Mince/Chorizo - you get up from your desk, go into the kitchen and make it.

Find a place to call your own. 
Be unproductive. 
Be still. 
But still, 
be worthy.

Said goodbye to a friend today.  Gone way too soon.  Till we meet again Vincey. ❤️
Eyes on the prize peeps. Eyes on the prize.
#ɢᴇᴛᴠᴀᴄᴄɪɴᴀᴛᴇᴅ #lockdowncountdown
Perfect place for my lockdown craft project number 45,322, no?

And now, onto the next one.

#lockdownsydney2021 #craftymama #createdonthate #create
Using this time in a positive way.  More time with family.  More time outdoors walking when we possible.  And more time spent back to doing things I love.  Like drawing and painting. 
Using #tayasuisketches on MacBook
I grew up watching Wonderworld in the afternoons after school. Rip Jonathan.
Friday’s done right.
#celebrateallthethings #working #truly
Latina Roots strong today.
#latina #workmode #hoopearrings #nameplatenecklace
Yesterday , today and but always, our boys 💙💙💙
Thanks for making me a mum. 🥰And dad too. 😘#md2021💖
Sweet 16.
More #2021bnswjuniorleaguestatechamps Spam!!
#teamates #JLRydeBlack @jenmendo
When you work in a female led business with strong women, you feel supported, cheered, raised up.  Thank you @glenyspower for being my partner in power. (No pun intended!) Happy International Women’s Day. #brandpromotions #iwd2021 @brandpromotions1 #team @tatjana_bosancic @kris.croucher @kingswellsarah

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