I first came to blogging when my son Jake, was born in 2006.  It was a way for family and friends in New Zealand and all over the world, to stay in touch and see our little boy grow and share our family's adventures in our life in Bondi.  

Blogging allowed me to connect, sharing my experiences as a new mum, through the internet, which, much like my newborn son was in it's infancy at the time.  I have always been a creative spirit, drawing or doodling what I saw, so  it seemed a natural progression to pick up a camera and capture the same with camera in hand. 

Now, thanks to the support and encouragement of some wonderful friends, I have picked up a paintbrush to express myself through another visual medium.

Today, you can find my work in projects like Passing By - a street photography series, or Icons paintings, on my Instagram Stories and Feed, or updated here regularly.

I'm always looking for inspiration, so drop me a line with what you think I should do next.

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